Lower your back office costs by up to without compromising quality

  • orders completed
  • administrative hours saved
  • reduction in turnaround time
  • staffing savings
  • increase in efficiency

Automate Processing Your


By managing orders directly from the consult, we significantly reduce delays in patient care from treatment approvals.

Phone Calls

Leveraging previous inquiry data, we prioritize and route calls live, optimizing patient to provider interactions.


Our digital transformation tools convert and direct fax information, streamlining the process and reducing tedious manual reviews.


With a centralized system for tracking both incoming and outgoing referrals, we efficiently channel patients to the appropriate provider.


We've refined processes for patient requests, coordinating prescription renewals and supporting the closure of gaps in care.

Records Requests

Our organized approach ensures expedited patient record retrievals, promoting care consistency across mutual care providers.


We dynamically allocate appointments by synchronizing patient needs with provider availability, aiming to minimize wait times.


Our advanced internal messaging platform facilitates seamless linking of patients, orders, and more, enhancing communication and collaboration on care.

Our Current Offerings

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Referral Management

Delve into a sophisticated layer of automation, seamlessly integrated with our AI-driven fax workflows. Our referral management system utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to enhance and streamline your practice's day-to-day processes.

Analytics Dashboard

Dive deep into actionable insights with our Analytics Dashboard. Catering to patient populations, referral sources, departmental productivity, and individual efficiency, our AI evaluates data to identify bottlenecks. It not only pinpoints bottlenecks and gaps, but also offers robust recommendations and solutions for optimal operational flow.

Medical Order Tracker

Introducing your central hub for medical order management. Our Medical Order Management system aggregates information from various communication mediums, creating a unified and comprehensive platform for managing patient orders with ease.

Auto Fax Generator

Despite the majority of clinics still relying on fax, both physical and digital, for communication, our document generator optimizes your interoperability. Streamline your processes with documents triggered at specific workflow stages, all while maintaining the flexibility to make changes via our template manager.

Virtual Care Coordinators

Experience monumental staffing savings, starting at $437 per month per subscription. Our Kapsa Care Coordinators encapsulate the essence of virtual expertise, ensuring optimal patient care without compromising on efficiency.

Upcoming Offerings

Fax AI

Facilities can take major advantage of the time saved amongst their staff when utilizing our Fax AI tool. It allows them to cut down on 40-60 hours monthly per

Referral AI

Enhancing the outpatient journey, our robust system guarantees a streamlined, consistent care experience, with key features like our collaborative scheduling tool, automated appointment confirmations, and OCR-enhanced intake tools.

Integrated Chat

Stay tuned for our forthcoming feature that enhances intra-team communication with an integrated chat system.

AI Scribe

Seamlessly transform provider to patient conversations into precise, editable clinical notes directly within the EHR. This fosters undivided attention and, deeper, meaningful consults while concurrently saving significant time in the overall care delivery process.

Managerial AI

Empowering leaders with actionable insights, our managerial AI identifies bottlenecks, gaps, errors, and compliance (or regulatory) issues. Upon discovery comprehensive solutions are generated and delivered for review & implementation by leadership teams.